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Wardriving Kuwait

Wardriving is to scan & geo-tag wireless access points.

I've been doing this for sometime to collect statistics on how many networks are open or secured, the most used devices, which area ranks better in using better encryption, ...etc.

The current database holds over 5000 APs. Because there are so many, it's not possible to view all in a single shot. Instead, they're viewed in pages (see the bottom of the left side of the map).
I realize it's inconvenient for the time being, even more when the database grows further. I'll see if I can make it display as you zoom into a certain area, but don't hold your breaths on that.

View Static Map

View Dynamic Map

Last database update: Jan. 5, 2010 @ 2300 hours

Last database statistics: Total = 6227

  • Open (16.83%)    1048
  • WEP (59.69%)    3717
  • WPA1 (19.19%)    1195
  • WPA2 (1.62%)    101
  • AdHoc (2.67%)    166

More statistics and graphs here.

If you have any questions or would like to join the effort of tagging APs, email me: mbhkewl TheAtSign gmail Dot com

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