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Cleaning Up Shows New Statistics

posted Dec 26, 2009, 3:53 PM by Majed B.
Apparently I've had duplications in the previous statistics that tainted the results a bit. I've cleaned up the database and the calculation methods as well, and updated the statistics page accordingly, explaining assumptions.

WPA1 grew a lot (up to almost 20%) due to the fact that I merged Mixed Mode Access Points (APs) with WPA1. Mixed Mode is when the AP provides both WPA1 & WPA2, and since we're looking at these statistics from a security point of view, it makes sense to join Mixed Mode with the weaker and more vulnerable WPA1.

Some AdHoc devices provide WEP functionality. Those used to be calculated with WEP but I've now removed them as they are not actual APs. AdHoc devices provide WEP functionality to authenticate between each other but that doesn't make them an AP.

If you believe my assumptions are incorrect, feel free to email me explaining why.

Note: Duplications can still occur if a contributor provided new data mixed with old data. There's a solution but I'm waiting for something to happen for me to implement the solution. Will update when done.