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Database and History

posted Dec 25, 2009, 12:50 PM by Majed B.
Good news first:
I finally wrote a script to reformat the data and make it easy to dump it into a mysql database, which later allows me to pull complex statistics and provide extended features in the future.

I've altered the database tables to allow for historical tracking of access points (APs). Let's say I logged an AP today that was using WEP on channel 11, and tomorrow I logged it using channel 6 with WPA. Both changes are logged which allows us to track an evolution process. A time-stamp however is not provided to map the growth to a timeline.

Bad news:
Contributor "almwaysa" provided me with a couple of dumps that contained APs that I already detected causing some duplication, which I didn't check for before.
The number of duplicates is very low, but I'm working on preventing this from happening in the future.