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History Tracking Got Better!

posted Dec 28, 2009, 2:21 PM by Majed B.
Excellent news! The developer of wardrive android, Raffaele Ragni, has kindly updated the program upon my request to include timestamps in the exported KML file. This feature is now available in version 2.11.

I've updated the database and scripts to handle the changes and changed the logic of the insertion & update script as I found a bug in it.
The conditions are (in order):
  1. AP found 250 meters away from previous known location: New record is added with new data using same MAC Address
  2. AP Name, Security or Channel changed: New record is added with new data using same MAC Address
    if noise level is worse than in DB, use old coordinates and level, else use new ones
  3. Signal Strength is better (lower noise level): Existing record is update with new coordinates & level using same MAC Address
In all cases, the version of the record is increased to reflect the fact that it's either a new record or the record has been updated.

Also, with the inclusion of timestamps now, it's possible to map a time-frame of changes, though highly dependable on when people are wardriving.

I've also decided to keep the distance checking at 250 meters instead of 50 (what I wanted to do before). I had some issues where some APs would jump back & forth due to data from multiple contributors.

So what's left?
  • More statistics
  • A highly customizable map
I don't know when I'll start with either, but I hope soon!